Individual Classes



What is it?

Coffee & Confidence is a way of learning through structured conversation classes that focuses on improving speaking and listening skills with a lot of correction from your teacher. At Interactive English Studio® I use a combination of methodologies that focus on improving speaking and listening skills with a lot of correction from your teacher within informal classes where can you have a coffee (or a tea!) and feel comfortable chatting with your teacher.

Before class your teacher will send you an assignment to do, watch a video or read an authentic article (they are not from textbooks!) and answer the questions asked by the teacher. Although they are not exercises focused on grammar tasks, the teacher selects the task so that you can practice certain structures and objectives and help you prepare for class. 

During the class you will focus on the conversation on this topic and develop your way of expressing yourself and better your vocabulary at the same time and with great correction. I guarantee at least 80% of class time speaking and practicing with verbal corrections about your mistakes.

Your written pre-class activity will not be corrected, but you answers from this will be used to structure the class. You can chose the optional extra to have these tasks corrected, please add this package when purchasing at the checkout 

After every class you will receive a personalized report of your oral mistakes made during each class.

For whom it is?

These classes are only for students who have at least a B1 level and are ideal if you have been learning English for a while and want to strengthen your confidence and gain skills for conversations in social situations on very varied topics or where you have to interact with several people at the time. If you see that you get blocked due to lack of vocabulary, these are your classes!

Create your own class package….

You can chose to take classes of 25 minutes or 50 minutes.

The minimum number of class is 24, with two classes classes per week over three months. Typically I recommend that you take them on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. You can choose to pay monthly (over three months) or in one payment for a slightly lower fee.  There is also the option for a Flexible schedule where you can make a reservation for your class online each week to suit your own timetable.

You can also have the option to cancel  a class up to 24 hours before and recover it later and you can cancel up to two classes in each calender month without extra charge.

Use the form on this page to choose the options and configuration of your classes.

Additional information

¿Que nivel tienes en inglés?

B1 – Pre Intermedio, B2 – Intermedio, C1 Intermedio alto, C2 Avanzado

Number of classes

24 x 25 minute classes PAID MONTHLY (£90.00 per month, over 3 months), 24 x 25 minute classes ONE PAYMENT (£240.00), 24 x 50 minute classes PAID MONTHLY (£180.00 per month, over 3 months), 24 x 50 minute classes ONE PAYMENT (£480.00)

Type of timetable

Fixed – Monday and Wednesday, Fixed – Tuesday and Thursday, Flexible booking (£39)