These terms and conditions are applicable to all persons who contract services with Interactive English Studio®. By registering for any course or class you agree to these terms and conditions. The terms ‘ Interactive English Studio ‘ or ‘our’ or ‘we’ refer to the owner of the page, John Paul Hewson. The term ‘you’ refers to the user, the person viewing our website, client or student. The term “student” or “of the student” refers to the customer in a valid and paid subscription period for one of our products. This contract is subject to the commercial laws of the United Kingdom.

1. Subscription periods: The term for each will be stipulated as the subscription period in the online order made by the client. In no case will the client be able to extend a subscription period. If the client has classes remaining at the end of the subscription, the classes will be lost, at the provider’s discretion they can be allowed to transfer those classes to a new subscription of equal value and duration and only if the new subscription is contracted before the expiration of the current subscription, in this case a charge of 10% of the price of the contracted product is applied as an administrative charge. Each subscription is made for a fixed number of classes within the subscription period indicated at the time of payment on the customer’s receipt. The maximum number of classes indicated in the subscription period purchased may not be exceeded. In case of needing more classes later, the subscription will have to be renewed

2. Payments: Interactive English Studio offers subscriptions with predetermined terms at the time of purchase. Payments can be made by card through the web platform safely at the time of placing an order using all major credit or debit cards. Bank transfer & Revolut app payments are also accepted however if payment is not received within 24 hours of placing the order, the subscription will be cancelled and the client will lose the right to any type of offer or discount offered.Credit card charges will be shown on card statements as INTERACTIVE ENGLISH STUDIO.

2.1.Your payments made to Interactive English Studio are for the right to take the class at the specified times once reserved and within the agreed contractual dates. It does not provide the right to have a predetermined or specific teacher and therefore reserves the right to modify or substitute without prior notice. The fees do not include any textbook materials, nor fees to enroll in official exams.

2.2. In cases where the client pays a monthly subscription: The client is obliged to continue payments by card or bank transfer as specified in the online order made by the client. If the client’s bank returns the remittance, the client agrees to cover the costs of the refund, charged at 30 GPB per refund and understands that they will not be allowed to attend classes until payment is made. Classes that are not attended due to suspension from non-payment will be deducted from the client’s subscription and they are not entitled to a refund for said classes or to recover them. The minimum period for monthly payments is there months. upon placing your order you will be charged for the first month, plus any supplements on your order and then the second and third months payments will be taken on the same date in the following two months. 

2.3. Refunds. In cases where the client is not accepted on a course the amount paid will be refunded using the same payment method within 24 hours after the video interview. All clients have the right to desist thier contract within the first 14 days from the start date of the contract under UK Consumer Law as detailed in point 9 of these terms and conditions. In no case shall a refund be provided for classes taken, cancelled out of the cancellation policy, deemed absent or related to technical problems associated to the clients internet speed or connection.

3. General Conditions of classes by video conference:

3.1. Tardiness: In the case of classes, whether individual or in group in which the client is more than 5 minutes late to class, the student online platform will not allow you to enter the class and it is counted as an absence without the possibility of recovery of the class.

3.2. Absence: In the event that the client does not attend a class, the right to make up the class will be lost except in case where the client had adhered to the cancellation policy.

3.3 General class conditions:

  • The client agrees to wear headphones for the duration of each class.
  • The client agrees that they will be seated in a quiet zone with minimal background noise.
  • The client agrees that they will complete all pre-class activities prior to the class commencing.
  • In cases where, at the provider’s discretion, a class is conducted by whatsapp or telephone, the client will remain stationary through the class and ensure that they adhere to point 3.3 of these conditions throughout the class.
  • To ensure class quality, if the client does not adhere to the points or sub points stated in clause 3, the teacher has the right to terminate the class without the possibility of recovery.

Interactive English Studio reserves the right to:

  • Offer other types of classes to the student who, for whatever reason, cannot keep up with the group, learning materials or does not integrate into it properly.
  • Reduce or expand the availability of teachers without giving prior notice. Interactive English Studio reserves the right to make the pertinent adjustments (schedule readjustment, hours reduction, integration into another group or package).
  • Expel any student who, repeatedly, does not comply with the basic rules of behavior and respect due to the teacher or classmates, which will lead to expulsion from the course without the right to any refund.
  • Refuse entry to class in cases where the student has not completed the pre-class activities , homework or homework that has been assigned as the main topic of the class, which will mean that the student does not have the right to make up the class and will be deducted from the balance of the class subscription.
  • Change the teacher temporarily or permanently due to any internal reason.
  • Change the general conditions periodically always with a prior notice of no less than 30 business days and be notified through the web platform.

4. Online reservations for individual classes with flexible hours: There is an online reservation system where the client can reserve the classes. Said standard availability is in predetermined hours from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 20:00 (GMT +1). Surcharges of 10% per class may apply for reservations outside of these hours. The flexible schedule option in no case commits neither the client nor the provider to have classes at a fixed schedule without having a class reserved on the user platform. The provider can only accept classes booked within a 14 day advance period, any classes which are booked outside of this period will be automatically declined. Upon booking a class this does not entitle the client to that specific timeslot until the booking has been approved by the provider  and a notification email received informing the client of the approval. Clients on a flexible schedule are guaranteed that two timeslots per week of thier subscription period will be available within the general availablity as stated in this same clause. Where a client books more than two timeslots in one week they may be asked to reduce this if other clients are unable to book due to lack of availability. The provider cannot be held responsible for lack of availability if  the client is unable to take a timeslot during the general availability as previously stated. 

5. Cancellation of classes by the client:

5.1. In the case of individual classes with a fixed schedule: The client has the right to cancel individual classes and recover them providing the cancellation is made no less than 24 hours before the start time of said class. Classes cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will result in the class being lost and non-recoverable and will count as absent. Said cancellations must be made from the booking system through the online application and will not be accepted if cancelled by any other form. A client may cancel a total of up to two scheduled classes per month free or charge. More than two cancellations in the same calendar month will incur a charge of 8.50 GBP per class for subsequent cancellations within the same month payable before the cancellation is confirmed.

5.1.2 In the case of individual classes on a flexible schedule: When the client  cancels a class with more than 24 hours notice it will not be deducted from thier class count and they will be able to reschedule. when the class is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice it will be classified as a lost or absent class and cannot be rescheduled. No charge applies for flexible schedule cancellations.

5.1.3 In the case of group classes, cancellations or schedule changes are not allowed in any case and non attendance will be counted as an absence and the class non-recoverable.

5.1.4 All cancellation requests must be made via the online platform and cannot be accepted by any other means. On no account shall cancellations accepted by email , whatsapp or telephone be classes as cancelled. 

5.3 Cancellation of classes of changes made by Interactive English Studio due to force majeure. If Interactive English Studio or the teacher needs to cancel a class, the provider is obliged to contact the client to allow the recovery of the classes. In this case, the class will not be deducted from the balance of classes for the student’s subscription period and will be recovered within the same subscription period. In no case can the subscription period be extended without mutual agreement.

5.4. School holidays and vacation periods: Interactive English Studio does not offer the possibility of classes on a national holiday in Spain and the United Kingdom. During the period when the school is closed for Christmas holidays, Easter and during the summer, students will be notified through the online calendar on the user platform. To account for this all clients subscriptions will be automatically extended by a period equal to the number of days the of said holiday or national holiday. Clients are not permitted to suspend subscriptions due to personal holidays and should plan their class schedule accordingly to avoid lost classes.
5.5. Transfer of classes: The client will not be able to transfer, share or authorize third parties to use their subscription in Interactive English Studio . In the event that the subscription is shared, Interactive English Studio reserves the right to cancel your subscription without prior notice.

6. Technology: The provider is responsible for ensuring that the virtual classroom is active and working on the day and time scheduled for classes only in cases where the client uses Google Chrome, or Firefox browsers through a laptop or desktop computer with at least a 3Mb internet connection and the customer must wear headphones. In no case would the provider be responsible for problems resulting from connection problems by the internet connection provider either on the client or teachers side.

6.1. The client accepts that it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct technology to connect to the virtual classroom as recommended by the provider and verify that they can connect to the virtual classroom at least 24 business hours before the first class following the instructions sent by E-mail from the provider at the time of registration for the course. It is the responsibility of the client to connect before each class to verify that they can connect to the virtual classroom, and they therefore, accept responsibility for all technology that is not related to the online platform providing the virtual classroom. In cases where a client is unable to connect to the virtual classroom due to the malfunction of any equipment not related to the virtual classroom, the class will be lost and cannot be recovered. During the first class, the client understands that they must make sure that they are available through the phone number that is shown in their user account at the scheduled time of the class in the case that they would need technical help through WhatsApp at 00447721891884.

6.2. In cases where related technical problems occur, making it impossible to continue with the class: The provider does not deduct the class from the balance of remaining classes until it has been possible to determine where the problem occurs. In the case where it is determined that the problem is related to the virtual classroom, the provider agrees to recover the class at another time within the same subscription period. In no case will the provider recover refund or indemnify the client for technology failure which is not expressly related to the online platform.

7. Confidentiality: Both the service provider and the client undertake not to disclose confidential information and documentation regarding the other party of which they have become aware by reason of the execution of this contract, except for those essential for its fulfillment, and to maintain it. secretly, even after completion of it. Both parties agree to take the necessary measures regarding their personnel and even third parties who may have access to said information and documentation, in order to guarantee the confidentiality that is the object of this clause.

8. Data Protection: All personal data collected in this document are strictly necessary to allow us to correctly manage its clauses. Following the entry into force of the legislation on protection of personal data (Data Protection Act 2018 of the United Kingdom), we have established a series of obligations in the processing of personal data, among which the prohibition of making transfers of personal data without the corresponding authorization of the owner of the personal data stands out. To this end:
– We will only access your personal data and other natural persons related to the object of this contract if such access is necessary to fulfill solely and exclusively to fulfill our contractual obligations;
– We are committed to the responsible and confidential use of the data, guaranteeing that it will be treated in accordance with legal requirements and that it will only be used for the indicated purpose;
– We will respect the confidentiality of the data to which you may have access, as well as we will keep professional secrecy at all times on all the information collected that you have to access for any reason;
– We will not allocate or use the data for any purpose other than those related to the agreed agreement;
– We will observe and adopt whatever security measures are necessary to ensure the confidentiality, secrecy and integrity of the personal data to which you have access, as well as to adopt in the future all the security measures required by the laws and regulations aimed at preserving the secrecy, confidentiality and integrity in the automated processing of personal data.
– We will not disclose, transfer, assign or communicate in any other way the files or the data contained in them, either verbally or in writing, by electronic means, etc., not even for their conservation, to any third party, without prior and due consent. legal, except in: 1) those cases in which it is necessary for the development, fulfillment and control of our professional relationship and the provision of services derived from it. In this case, we have the collaboration of some third-party service providers who have access to your personal data and who process the aforementioned data on our behalf and on our behalf as a result of their provision of services (and always for the benefit of the client). Specifically, and by way of example and not limitation, The aforementioned providers perform their services in the following sectors: legal, tax, accounting and labor advice, computer service provider companies and physical security companies. All these suppliers have signed a confidentiality agreement with us and have demonstrated their compliance with these regulations. 2) In the cases in which it is authorized by a norm with the force of law. In this sense, your data may be transferred, without limitation or exclusion, to the Public Administration bodies (Tax Administration, Social Security Bodies, Public Administration Bodies with competence in the matter, etc.) whose transfer is necessary for the provision of services derived from our professional relationship; or in the event of a subpoena or request from a government agency, or if we believe in good faith that such action is necessary for a) to comply with a legal obligation; b) to protect or defend our rights, interests or property, or those of a third party; c) to prevent or investigate potential wrongdoing in connection with the Services; d) to act in urgent circumstances to protect your personal safety; or e) to protect against legal liabilities. d) to act in urgent circumstances to protect your personal safety; or e) to protect against legal liabilities. d) to act in urgent circumstances to protect your personal safety; or e) to protect against legal liabilities.

8.1. Conservation period : The personal data included in this contract, and in the documents derived from it, will be kept for the entire duration of the contract until its completion. Once this has been completed, the data will be kept blocked during the limitation periods established by the applicable legislation, remaining at the exclusive disposal of Judges and Courts, the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the competent Public Administrations, for the attention of possible responsibilities arising from the treatment. Even if we delete your personal data, it may continue to exist on archival or backup media for an additional time for legal, tax or regulatory reasons or for legitimate and legal business purposes.

8.2. Claim before the Control Authority. If you consider that there is a problem with the way in which we are handling your data, you can direct your claims to the corresponding data protection authority, the Data Protection Agency being the one indicated in the case of the United Kingdom.

In compliance with the provisions of Data Protection Act 2018 of the United Kingdom, we inform you that you may exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, portability and withdrawal of consent of your personal data by sending us a letter to the following email address:

9. Contract cancellation: Under UK consumer law the client may decide to cancel thier contract within the first 14 days (cooling off period) of the contract subscription without penalisation. To cancel a contract the client must email their notification in writing to within the first 14 days of the start of thier contract. In no case of withdrawal or cancellation of a contract by the student will the provider return money for classes taken or deemed absent during the subscription periods contracted by the student. In the case of cancellation of contract by the client, please allow up to 7 days for a refund.

After the initial 14 days cooling off period the client may not unilaterally cancel the contract and all fees relating to the current subscription period remain due.

10. Judicial procedure : All legal expenses and costs, as well as attorney’s fees and attorney’s rights, even if their intervention is not mandatory, that originate as a consequence of the breach of their professional performance agreed in the present contract shall be covered by the client under the laws of the united kingdom.